SEO from Malta

Why SEO Malta?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a multitude of measures that help your website to achieve the best ranking in the search results of leading search engines. SEO is no witchcraft but is based on solid techniques and methods, which are used by addwert with know-how and many years of experience. To overtake competing search engine results in the search query and to place yourself high up is what SEO is all about. Because approx. 70 percent of the users only click on the first five search results.

SEO Malta is an agency for products and services

For the marketing of products and services, search engine optimization is one of the most efficient forms of advertising in online marketing. With SEO techniques addwert increases the visibility of your website, provides you with more high-quality visitors and thus more turnover. Additional potentials can be discovered and exploited through a close integration of SEO and SEM activities.

SEO process in the SEO Malta agency

SEO is a continuous improvement process, success only becomes visible after some time. Therefore addwert likes to accompany its customers on a long-term basis. Depending on your initial situation, we will put together an individual package for you from a whole spectrum of service offers. Many customers also appreciate our full service: SEO all-round consulting. As your SEO agency, we then take over the majority of the search engine optimization and permanently take care of your SEO measures, among other things:

  • Website analytics
  • Competitive analyses
  • Search for search words and search word combinations
  • Consulting in OnPage Optimization
  • Consulting in OffPage Optimization
  • Content Marketing (link building)
  • Success reports