Alexander Russ

Online Marketing since 2003

I am Alex, an experienced Malta-based Online Marketer. Knowing the company as well as the agency site I can offer a wide spread of knowledge and experience.

Using strategic online marketing to fully exploit the business potential of your Internet presence is my goal – from search engine optimization, SEO, through search engine advertising, SEM, to social media marketing, SMM.

Recent Projects

Besides the work for clients

I am running two main own projects and am a shareholder of others.

The first one is the PlayLikeAGod GmbH. We are producing golf balls and golf related products under the brand FOREACE and are marketing them directly b2c over the online shop.

The second project is an affiliate related system where we are driving traffic to a health and wellness company


Through the experiences, in the different field of marketing, I can offer a wide range of services to help you.


By know both (the client as well as the agency site) I can provide wide range services matching exactly your needs without the need of an overhead but with the experience of many years.


Analyzing your site from head to toe (footer). OnPage SEO and Conversion as well as holistic strategies that fit into the marketing mix and help to reach the aims you want to reach.


Evaluating and analyzing your and your competitors link structure, building, removing, disavowing, etc.


Not only going the extra mile but also being able to find new solutions is what I have learned over the years in the industry.

About me

In August 2018 I moved with my family from Germany to Malta.
During this time I dissolved the OM agency there and since then I have been working on my own projects and selected customer projects with two employees who remained in Germany and a network of agencies and freelancers.

Since we have decided to stay as a family on Malta, I would be happy to help companies here as well.

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